MSD19's In-Person, Hybrid & Remote Plan

We want to provide everyone with an update on the planning efforts as we transition from a remote model.  We invite you to watch a video message from MSD19's Superintendent, Craig Fiegel: MSD19 Transition Plan Update.

The Transition Plan: Revised (9/25/2020) will allow Pre-K through 5th Grade students the opportunity to return in person daily. Families may still opt to remain remote. 

As we received additional input from our parents, staff, and other school districts, our plan continued to evolve. Because the plan changed once again, if you want to alter your choice we ask that you call the school’s office to let them know immediately of your change. We are setting up classes, and principals and teachers are working hard to adjust class assignments to accommodate an in-person return. We need this information no later than Wednesday morning, September 30. 

Our secondary instruction is going to be a hybrid model of instruction, as we have been suggesting. The plans, as we provided them two weeks ago, have been updated. The one change is we will eliminate C-Day at both the high school and middle school, allowing students to be in person as much as possible.

Please read the new plan, Transition Plan: Revised (9/25/2020), to learn more about our revised plan that includes in-person, hybrid, and remote learning.