Special Services


Executive Director of SPECIAL Education

Nancy Seibert, 618-566-7414, Ext. 3116


Jessica Seger, Special Education Coordinator, 618-566-7414, Ext. 3118

Dana Miller, Special Education Coordinator & Behavior Interventionist, 618-566-7414, Ext. 3218


Amy Cook, Executive Assistant for Special Education, 618-566-7414, Ext. 3117

If your student is new to the district and is in need of special education services, please contact Nancy Seibert as soon as possible.

A Message from the Director of Special Education

Mascoutah CUSD #19 is known for having a “Community of Excellent Schools”. The general education teachers, special education teachers, related service providers, and paraprofessionals work hard each day to assure that every child, regardless of their ability, receives a quality education.

In Mascoutah CUSD #19, we are very proud that most students with special education needs receive instruction within their home school and district. All special education students, grades PreK – 12, are provided services within the least restrictive environment. Students are exposed to general education curriculum and standards; with many students participating in general education curriculum with educational accommodations and modifications. In many settings co-teaching or teaming is available; allowing all students in the classroom to benefit from having two adults in the classroom during instruction.

A full continuum of related services is provided to students. The district employs Speech-Language Pathologists, School Social Workers, and Counselors. The district transportation department assures that all students with special transportation needs are delivered safely to their school destination. Other related services such as School Psychology, Itinerant Vision and Hearing services, Augmentative Communication, Audiology, Music Therapy, and Behavioral Therapies are provided through Belleville Areas Special Services Cooperative (BASSC). Occupation and Physical Therapy is provided through a private contract.

For students with more significant needs, programming is provided through BASSC. Most programs are in regular school settings with staff that is highly trained in the area of need.

I feel that I can speak for the entire special education department when I say that we feel privileged to work with the families in the Mascoutah community and Scott Air Force Base. Our goal is to assist you in ensuring that your child learns the skills necessary to become as self-sufficient and productive as possible in their adult life. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Nancy SeibertDirector of Special Education