Our Vision, Mission, And Beliefs


Dr. Craig Fiegel, Superintendent

Craig A. Fiegel, Ph.D.Superintendent

Mission Statement

Engaging every student, every day, in quality learning opportunities

Vision Statement

Our district will provide every student the resources and opportunity for personal growth as they develop 21st-century skills including critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration. Our students will be contributing members of society who value the pursuit of learning and service to others.


To achieve our mission, fulfill our vision, and achieve our goals, we must hold to our belief system. We believe

  • all students can learn and succeed.
  • a diverse, well-trained, and dedicated staff is essential for excellence.
  • we must provide a high-quality learning experience to ensure student success.
  • there is value in the diverse nature of our rural, suburban, and military community.
  • the future of our nation, state, and community is dependent upon effectively educating all children.

Strategic Focus

Develop and enhance quality instructional programs to improve student performance, empowering each student to meet his or her individual, academic, and career goals.


  • Maintain a climate of high expectations and effective teaching to encourage student success
  • Embrace an inclusive environment where all students can achieve
  • Offer a variety of learning opportunities critical in meeting each student’s unique needs

Recruit, develop, and retain staff that meets high standards, reflecting our student and community diversity.


  • Hire and retain a passionate, professional, and focused staff
  • Provide ongoing and purposeful professional development linked to individual and district improvement

Provide instructional resources, support services, and facilities that are nurturing, safe, and accessible.


  • Commit to fiscally responsible leadership supportive of the mission and accountable to our community
  • Create an orderly, safe, and nurturing environment

Promote and facilitate the involvement of our diverse community enhancing our educational programming.


  • Seek community support and engagement
  • Foster a positive relationship with Scott AFB

Encourage students to become responsible, contributing members of the community promoting the ideals of democracy.


  • Encourage civic responsibility and community involvement
  • Develop caring, responsible, and productive members of a global society
  • Share responsibility with the community to develop responsible and productive citizens