Community Resources

Leu Civic Center

213 North Market Street, Mascoutah, IL 62258

Phone: 618-566-2175

Fax: 618-566-2464 

Email: leuciviccenter@mascoutah.com

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-8:00pm, Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm, Saturday: 8:30am-Noon

The Leu Civic Center, Inc. is a cornerstone of youth development in the City of Mascoutah, Illinois. The Center is a United Way Agency, and its mission is to plan, organize, coordinate, implement, and execute a wide variety of recreational, cultural, social, and civic programs for the youth in Mascoutah, Scott AFB, and surrounding communities. The Center provides a safe place for structured family support and human service based on the needs and interests of all members of the community regardless of race, gender, religion, ability-level, or financial conditions. The Center focuses on youth development by providing a safe environment, building self-esteem and friendships and fostering a sense of belonging to the community. In order to fulfill this mission, the Center must operate a safe, well maintained faculty. This Facility is not only a safe heaven to youth programs and activates. It is used by local community groups and serves as a public emergency shelter during severe weather conditions.

The Parent Educator Program (PEP)

This is a free program for families with kids prenatal to age 5. We utilize the Baby Talk curriculum to offer a great start in your child(ren)'s life. Parent and family involvement is an important factor in the development and future achievements for your child(ren). We hope you will utilize and participate in our services to help increase the chances for your child's successful future. Remember, this program is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Contact Amy Brown at (618) 566-2152 or browna@msd19.org or Nel Millas at millasn@msd19.org for more information about this program. 

The Mascoutah Chamber of Commerce

200 East Main St. Suite 101 Mascoutah, IL 62258

The Mascoutah Chamber of Commerce was organized to promote business in the city of Mascoutah and the surrounding areas. Its roots started with the Mascoutah Commercial Club in the 1950s. The name was changed to the Mascoutah Chamber of Commerce in the 1960s. The Mascoutah Homecoming was originally run by the chamber and held on the grounds south of the bowling alley on George Street. In 19581959 the Chamber built the Mascoutah swimming pool in Sheve Park and operated it until it turned it over to the city of Mascoutah. The bowling alley, originally started by the Mascoutah Turnverein (Turners), was operated by the Chamber until 2011.

Profits from the bowling alley, membership, and other fundraisers were used to do the following:

  • Buy and pave the parking lots downtown
  • Build the swimming pool
  • Move the old dress factory
  • Help bring doctors in the community
  • Purchase Christmas decorations
  • Maintain the Santa Hut
  • Beautify downtown