Volunteering at MES

We encourage all of our parents to become involved in volunteering at Mascoutah Elementary School. Research confirms that the students who have parents that volunteer at school actually perform better in school. Volunteering does not have to be a regular commitment or you do not have to volunteer during the school day. Many types of volunteer opportunities are available throughout the school year. Our school has an active Parent Teacher Organization that works hard to support the students and staff in our school. The PTO organizes several programs for students and staff throughout the school year, including the Scholastic Book Fair, Teacher Appreciation Days, School Store, Family Nights, and more!

Another way to volunteer in the school is through our Partners-In-Education Program. Parents are invited to volunteer in the school in a variety of ways:

  • Working in the classroom with small groups of students. Classrooms may include your child's classroom or other classrooms within the school.
  • Working with individual students.
  • Clerical work, including making copies, cutting out projects, etc.
  • Volunteering in the school library with checking out and checking in books.

Volunteer training is required for volunteers who work in the classroom during the day on a regular basis—two or more times per month. Volunteer training is scheduled at the beginning and at other times during the school year. Please contact the school office for volunteer training information.