Chromebooks & 1:1

Why 1:1?

Mascoutah CUSD 19 is striving to provide students access to technology tools in order to improve learning. Many students already use devices at school, and a review of instructional practices identified the need to put a device in the hands of all secondary students in grades 6-12. Placing a Chromebook in the hands of our students enables enhanced communication and collaboration in the classroom. Both are necessary skills to prepare students for the workforce.

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a lightweight device that runs the Google Chrome operating system (OS). These devices are designed to be used primarily while connected to the internet, with most applications and documents living in the student’s Google Drive—the cloud. The Chromebooks will be accessed with a Mascoutah School District G Suite for Education account that is assigned to students.

Why were Chromebooks chosen?

Chromebooks power up very quickly and have a long battery life. Chromebooks are easy to manage and require very little maintenance when compared with other mobile devices. The Chromebook updates each time it is connected to the internet.

What’s G Suite for Education?

A collection of online tools including email, documents, spreadsheets, Google Classroom, and calendar provides all students and teachers with the ability to communicate and collaborate from any place at any time. Teachers use Google Classroom for class assignments, activities, and student communication.

Parent Informational Meetings

Parent meetings will be held at the high school and middle school at the beginning of the school year.

Parents and students are required to sign the Chromebook Digital Citizenship Guidelines & Expectations form. Students are also required to sign a Chromebook Receipt Form when they are issued their Chromebook.

The $20 student use fee covers the warranty repair & accidental damage of the Chromebook and/or Chromebook charger for the school year. Accidental damage repairs are limited to one repair per school year. For example, one broken screen replaced per year and if a second broken screen occurs during the same year, the student/parent will be charged for the repair.

When are Chromebooks distributed?

Chromebooks are issued to students, if the student is present, during the first few days of school. The student will receive a Chromebook, a carrying case, and a charger. Students will be responsible for all three of these items throughout the school year. The Chromebooks will be returned to the District at the end of the school year.

Are students allowed to take their Chromebook home?

Students need to take the Chromebook home every evening to charge and have it ready for use the next day. A full charge lasts approximately 10 hours; students should not bring chargers to school. Reminder that the Chromebooks are to be used for school related tasks only.

Do students have an email address?

Yes, students are issued an @msd19.org email address. This email address is used to access their school Google account, documents, Google Classroom, and other Google tools. For 6-10 grades, this email allows them to email only other users within the school district, including teachers. They are not allowed to email users outside of the school district, and they cannot receive email from users outside of the school district. At Mascoutah High School, Juniors and Seniors have email accounts that allow them to communicate outside of the district. This is necessary for many activities, organizations, and college scholarships and applications.

When will the Chromebook be used?

Students will use the Chromebooks in their daily classroom activities. The classroom teacher will determine the appropriate use of the device during the instructional day. Students are encouraged to use them at home for school assignments and homework.

What are the benefits to students?

  • Access to a collaborative learning environment
  • Receive instant feedback from teachers
  • Access work anywhere on any device with an internet connection through Google Drive
  • Access to endless resources

Can the Chromebooks be used without an internet connection?

An internet connection is required for most activities. However, the Chromebook can be used offline without an internet connection if assignments are downloaded in advance and the Chromebook is set to work offline. Once an internet connection is restored, all student work is saved to their Google Drive. Students will be provided instructions on how to do this.

Are the Chromebooks safe for student use?

The Chromebooks are filtered any time they are used onsite or offsite. Additionally, the Chrome internet browser is also filtered when students use their school district email account to log in. We encourage parents to take an active role and work with their child to learn more about how they are using the devices.

What if the Chromebook is not operating correctly?

The student should let his or her classroom teacher know during school. If occurring at home, then the device should be taken to the Chromebook Service Center the next school day. If it needs to be repaired, the student will be issued a loaner device.


We realize parents may have many questions regarding the 1:1 Chromebook Program. If you need additional information in regards to Chromebooks and building rules regarding their use, please contact the school directly.