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Computer & Internet Safety
  • DO use some kind of anti-virus or anti-spam protection
  • DO keep your anti-virus or anti-spam programs updated and current
  • DO make sure you use a different password for each resource
  • DO NOT check the "save password" box
  • DO NOT write passwords on sticky notes, keyboards, etc
  • DO NOT respond to emails requesting passwords
  • DO NOT click on attachments from users you don't know
Internet Safety & Security Tips 

The Beacon's Internet Safety Squad

SANS Security Awareness Tip of the Day

  • Treat your device like you want to keep it
  • It's 10 p.m. Do you know whom your kids are chatting with online?
  • When selecting a screen name, make sure it doesn't say too much about you
  • If you access the internet from a shared computer, make sure you don't leave anything behind